Peggy Davis • editor


Peggy Davis had her editorial debut with the indie movie THE SKY IS FALLING starring Teri Garr. Other feature work includes, THE BIG KAHUNA, starring Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey and Danny Devito; the critically acclaimed award winning documentaries THE FIRST YEAR (directed by Oscar winner Davis Guggenheim) and DOWNTOWN LOCALS

Recently, she finished her seventh feature film, UNEASY LIES THE MIND, a film shot entirely on the Iphone.

Davis has edited movies that have screened at Sundance and Toronto; that have won awards at Full Frame and The San Francisco International Film Festival; and that have received national broadcasts on PBS and MTV. Her diverse background includes narrative dramas, romantic comedies, edgy reality shows, and music videos for indie bands. She has a strong sense of story and brings an experienced eye towards structure, pacing and tone. Her work on documentaries allows her to bring a fresh approach to scripted material and find the best story in every project she works on.

Davis prefers that you view her work in its entirety, but sample scenes are available above for each of the categories: features, television and music videos. Follow the links below for complete resume and a few quotes about her work.

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