“The talent, knowledge and dedication Peggy Davis brings to a project is unparalleled.  Her creative involvement in any project elevates it from what could be ordinary to the extraordinary.  Her loyalty is a rarity in such a migratory business.  I could not have asked for a bigger champion of my vision.  I would never consider making a movie without Peggy on board as Editor.”

Florrie Laurence Parks, Director - THE SKY IS FALLING

"No editor is better at editing performances.  No editor better understands the variables of the post- production process.  No editor will fight harder for the integrity your film."

John Swanbeck, Director - THE BIG KAHUNA

“I've worked with Peggy Davis on a variety of projects. She is smart, knows story, and always brings ideas to a given problem. But most importantly she adapts to my style, understands my vision, and always makes the pieces better.”

Jim Mendiola , Director - THE CHICAS PROJECT, JAMMIN’

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